There are specific people God has Connected the fulfilment of your purpose with, God is always deliberate with all he does. He has not left you alone to figure it all out by yourself, No!!! There are people he has assigned to help you through your life’s journey.

At times, you realise that some people you look up to, talk and there’s a spark in you. You feel this connection and urge to do something, I tell you, it’s intentional. God will be speaking to you directly through some key people he has assigned to you, identify them and do not take them for granted.
There is someone living your line of purpose already, God made sure of it, you are a part of a bigger picture. It isn’t just about you, you must start where someone has finished, its all about the divine purpose.
Pay attention to those that are Connected to your destiny, make conscious efforts to take note of their roles in your life, learn all you can and launch into God’s divine purpose.
It has all been planned out for you, follow the Mastermind behind it all and it will become easier for you.
Life is all about relationships, do not take them for granted, get connected.
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