Hey!!! It’s Independence day Nigeria.
How do you really feel as a Nigerian? Has Nigeria’s Independence affected you in anyway? Does it even mean anything to you?
May I say this quickly?
Your Independence is Nigeria’s Independence. I don’t know what has happened with our past generations and now is not the time to analyze that, what it’s time for is to take full responsibility of our lives.
Yes!!! It’s Independence day, but can you take a moment to check your personal Independence?
How independent are you?
How often do you depend on people’s approval to validate your self esteem?
How long do you wait for others to do something before you think of doing something too?
How long do you wait for someone to give you instructions on what you can take initiative for?
How long have you been living in someone else’s shadow and hiding your true self.
How often do you admire and envy others rather than working on your own self and contributing your quota.
How often do you base your emotions on what people do rather than your choices?
How often?
Can this be a reflection day for you? Can you take a moment to reflect on these things?
What are those things that have drawn you back and hindered you from exploring your full potentials?
Your Independence is important to the next person to you, the next person’s independence is important to the other person, our Independence is important to one another.
If we must rise, if we must create a new Nigeria,
We must seek our individual Independence,
We must let out the giant in us,
We must build our country by building ourselves.
Our country is us! We make our country.
Happy Independence Nigeria.
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