Hey!!! What did you really mean when you said ‘cross over night’ last night?

For me, I have had 365 cross over nights and I can only say WOW!!! God has been good. Do you have an idea how God has watched you every single night till the end of the year 2018.


Oh!!! There were days!!! There were days when I was scared to go to bed because I thought I would not wake up. There were days when I wondered what this life is all about…oh! There were days. The devil enhanced so many bad thoughts in me but thank God for his word!!! Of a truth, nothing assures one, more than the word of the creator.


To me, the great miracle is not just in seeing today, it’s in how far God has brought me, I can only be grateful. Thank you Jesus for every night up to last night, it has been you all through.

Thank you for seeing me through… 


P.S: My word for you this year is to choose your personal slogan for 2019. Don’t just go with the trend of your church, your organisation, your environment, your family or whoever.

Be deliberate, be intentional, take charge, be in control. God got you!!!


For me, 2019 is MY YEAR OF SHOWING UP!!! And this is very personal to me because I constantly prayed in 2018 for God to open doors for me and alas! I saw a post from one of my mentors, Elvis Umez. He said, “some doors will open for you when you show up” and Imediately, I knew God was speaking to me through him.

Hence, my new year theme/slogan: My year of showing up.

Choose yours and take it very important.

God got you!!!

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