LIFE LESSONS: I was desperate enough!

At a point in my life I sat down for an exam and failed woefully, looking at the result in the cyber cafe i was almost wishing for dead. Questions that ran through my mind were; How did this happen? How can I fail so terribly? How will my parents react to this? I felt I should be shut out from the world for the next 1 year till I at-least make my papers to save my face, at that moment you need not ask me if I needed a mobile phone, I had no one I wanted to contact, not my friends that had passed their exams or those that will ask about how my result was on picking my call. I just wanted to be alone.

Over that period between when i failed and when i cleared my papers i was able to invest myself in knowledge and capacity building. I studied so much that I hated failure, I wanted to prove myself by all means. I wanted the world to see a brilliant, self motivated chap. I was desperate for my success story.

The chance to re-write that history came in my first year in the University. I committed myself to my studies like never before, I knew what i wanted and I focused on getting it. When the result came out, it was enough proof that things had taken a different turn.

Just maybe you have not been desperate enough, I want you to know that you can turn that failure around into a success story. You have a choice to either continue maintaining failure or make failure your past and redefine your future. Take time out to tell yourself the truth by asking relevant questions like, what did i do wrong? what do i need to improve upon? e.t.c

See You at the Top.



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