Words inspire is a full grown “child” that developed from a baby that knew nothing about life and how to go about it. It was all clouded with a fog that the enemy of life placed right at the centre of vision. But when the one who commands all things says enough! Then that is it. Adediwura is someone that growing up could never have imagined that she would put a pen to paper and make lines, pages and even books. But the one who created her knew it all and orchestrated her way into it.

A pot must get heated to cook the food inside it right? God who made me a pot opened my eyes and showed me that there is a lot to be cooked and I must get heated to make it happen. God heated me up(and is still heating me up) and mandated me to transfer the heat to the food in the pot. This is what gave birth to this blog and we trust God that its purpose will definitely be fulfilled, as we all get heated together.

Take note of what I said earlier; a “child”, meaning I look up to my father daily for fresh inspiration to dish out to you as he has sent me to. I hope as God takes us through this journey together, you enjoy every ride of it.

What we offer;

Spiritual food daily (SFD): This is an avenue that refreshes you each day and feeds you with the word of God, which is the ultimate inspiration to man.

Weekly inspirations (WINS): This brings to you articles and stories that are written with life experiences and lessons drawn from them, it will always leave you with something to hold on to.

Weekly quotes (WQ) : We also bring to you combination of words, as quotes to inspire you, as you begin each of your weeks.

Capacity building tips (CBT) :Here, we share how and what to do to increase your capacity in all areas of life.

Lifestyle (Ls): This section brings to you the dynamism of life, ¬†with it’s many lessons and adventures, woven around stories and articles.

Words inspire me daily, and they will you too.

Always be inspired.